Clear Translucent Over-Laminate

When you need extra protection against abrasion, harsh chemicals, and solvents specify our CTOL to protect your label data. Clear Translucent Over-Laminate is die cut to specific sizes (larger than label) to ensure your labels are fully protected from top to bottom and side to side. We highly recommend the use of CTOL in applications where human skin (Hands/Fingers) will be in contact with your label. If you are using your Asset Labels on equipment such as: mobile phones, ipads, tablets or laptops we recommend you use CTOL to guarantee the protection of your data against human skin contact. We have vigorosly tested CTOL in these applications with excellent results – Order CTOL for your labels Suitable for long term internal & external applications.

See our Video about the durability of this product



Clear Translucent Over Laminate – Select image below and follow prompts to order.

Sizes Available: 45mm x 25mm & 55mm x 30mm

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