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AssetLabel is your one-stop shop for all your asset tags and label requirements. We take care of all of your asset tagging and labeling needs from selection of materials, designing and printing. Best prices guaranteed with quality that surpasses competition. Get started on your asset management inventory now!

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    We offer the best prices for small batch orders - ideal for small or new businesses that have minimal assets and inventory. Minimum order amount is 100 asset tags or asset labels. The decision is also yours on what material to use that is best suited for your tagging and labeling requirements. You can easily monitor the progress of your order – from printing to your mailbox. Our standard delivery time frame is 5-7 business days on many Asset Tags, but feel free to call our customer service team for rush delivery consideration. Rush orders must be confirmed and approved first. You can design your own Asset Label in a range of materials and design templates to suit your specific requirements, or contact us and we can provide this service to you. Delivery of some products make take longer due to manufacturing process's and complexity. Please contact us to confirm delivery if this is important.

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    We manufacture asset labels and tags using the highest grade resources.We use high resolution imaging and materials from market- leading brands which makes our products the best in the asset tag industry. The Economy Asset labels are reasonably priced which makes it perfect for consumers looking for the lowest cost alternative. If you are looking for industry grade tags, our 3M Metalised Polyester and Photo Anodised Metal Asset tags are the most durable, weatherproof and resistant against high temperature, grease, water and external applications conditions. Most professionals specify Photo Metal Anodised Asset materials for long term exterior applications and effectiveness in every environment. If your not sure what is the best Asset Tag for your environment or application please contact us and we will recommend the product and send you samples to try before you buy.

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    We can help you design your asset tags through our user friendly customization table AT NO EXTRA CHARGE or you can contact us with your requirements and we will recommend the best option. NO NUMBERING If you want to print your barcode yourselves or make a handwritten one, simply select the ‘NO NUMBERING’ radio button right after selecting your background and text colors. We will supply the labels on a roll (3” Core Size) for you to print. We also provide blank labels for you print. (3M label materials and others available) IDENTICAL BARCODE Select this radio button if you want a matching barcode that you can use for any purpose, whether for identification or to keep as duplicate. EAN (Australian Retail Barcodes) are available. USE CONSECUTIVE NUMBER/BARCODE Select this radio button and simply enter the starting number along with the quantity and we will create the batch using your preferredsequence. You can add alphanumeric prefixes or suffixes and the numerical sequence will be printed in series. NON-SEQUENTIAL NUMBERS If for any reason you need a non-sequential asset tags that our asset tag customization table cannot provide, simply provide us with an excel file that we can import to your order.  We keep a record of all of your orders regularly so we can easily do a reprint at any time. We require a minimum order of 100 tags for non-sequential asset tags and small fee applies for importing. QR CODES & 2 DIMENSIONAL CODES We print QR Codes & 2 Dimensional codes on most label and tag substrates for all types of applications. Whether it be sequential QR codes, import data into a QR Code, URL’s with trailing number sequences or multi import data into a QR Code. MULTI DATA IMPORT Text & Numbering can be converted to most codes, including barcodes, QR Codes, 2 Dimensional. We can import all of your data onto one label if that’s what you need? Just contact us!

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The QRAM Asset Management System can be accessed anywhere, anytime from any device that connects to the internet. The mobile web app is compatible with all modern web browsers, is easy to navigate and will have you tracking assets and inventory with a minimum of clicks. QRAM labels are available for a wide range of applications and operating environments with fade-resistant inks on a variety of substrates including adhesive synthetic polyesters, photo anodised aluminium and more.

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Need an Indoor/ Outdoor tags? No problem, choose from a wide set of materials Asset tags are available in a

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Best Value for Money We offer the best prices for small batch orders - ideal for small or new businesses th