Premium Void Labels

Premium Void Labels (Tamper Evident) are available in White or Silver in Standard and Non-Standard sizes to suit your application.
  • Tamper evident VOID can not be re-positioned without being visual apparent to the user. A footprint of "VOID", "VOIDOPEN" will remain on the surface that the label has been removed from.
  • How does VOID label work: Void labels are made up from multiple layers of substrate (label material) with a special release layer embedded in the label and contain a face stock for printing and a reverse side print of "VOID" (Not visible to the eye). When the label adhesive has cured to the surface the VOID foot print remains on the item's surface if the label is removed.
  • The label can not be re-stuck to a surface without being visibly noticeable.
  • Applications include: Warranty Void, Tamper proof sealing, bar coding, QR Codes, Equipment Asset Identification.

  • For Security Packaging Tapes please call for a quotation.

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